National Indigenous Community Oversight Task Force (NICOTF)

It is an honor to share that Pacifica National Radio Board, passed the motion to create national programming for MMIW. This includes and is not limited to information and updates, searches and resources.

I am prayerfully humbled to support and create the National Indigenous Community Oversight Task Force (NICOTF)

We have several members ready to join, volunteer and support these efforts.

Please note: creative healing process of offering a ‘National Indigenous Community’ includes many ideas for protocols to support for much necessary healing to volunteer together… (Much more tba.)

The second motion I put forth is Indigenous Environmental News Reports- bridging the MMIW Crisis. The Environmental impacts on our overall health, culture and historical colonial ruse offerings - the UN DRIP, the latest Green New Deal, and Build Back Better,  etc.

The same (NICOTF) will oversee - this programming, this will be approved 1/6/2022 literally the 6th day next year.

I sat on the national board for 5 months and for the local radio board for over a year…. I was unseated in a sabotaged election. I am now set free, rogue!

It would be an honor to have AIM GGC pick this up and make this part of the current efforts to find our relatives…. and to affirm we are still here. We are ready to defend, honor and protect our sacred sites, land, water and people.

Continued prayers for all,

Motion: was passed 12/16/2021…

Lydia Poncé, KPFK Local Station Board Member, Pacifica National Board Member offers:

Amended MMIW motion :


Whereas murderous violence against women, including state violence, has   reached epidemic proportions around the world and within the US and,

Whereas the Indigenous-led movement for justice for Missing Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) girls and relatives, highlighted the connection between exploitative, extractive energy industries and such killings and disappearances on Turtle Island (continent of North America) and,

Whereas despite a brief round of criticism over “missing white women syndrome”  in ongoing corporate media coverage of the disappearance and murder of Gabby Petito, no correct of measures have been taken by such media to cover the far more numerous disappearances and killings of indigenous women or to uplift or humanize the victims or survivors of such violence or their efforts for justice therefore,

Be it resolved, that the Pacifica foundation develop a national Programming team that will produce a show for syndication in collaboration with activist working to overcome these serious and deadly social and economic issues rooted in racism colonialism genocide patriarchy and economic exploitation focusing on the lives in histories of missing and murdered indigenous women and on the struggles of indigenous people in US and around the world to expose and seek justice in such cases and revent further such deaths disappearances and anti-women and anti-Indigenous violence.